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Why AG Web Services? makes having a church website easy to build, easy to maintain and update, yet professional and effective. Best of all, it is FREE for official AG churches!

Our goal is to partner with district offices, churches, and pastors to help build communications, build relationships, and to build His kingdom within their communities. This new service, introduced by The General Council of the Assemblies of God, is specifically designed to assist official AG Churches in building and expanding their online ministry.

Now your church can have an up-to-date internet presence that is appealing, affordable, and manageable by your technical and/or non-technical staff.

What other churches say.

Reasons a Church Should Have a Website:

  • People everywhere use the internet to find information of all kinds. Why not about where to attend church?
  • Churches can communicate clearly, quickly, and cheaply with their congregation with up-to-date information and resources.
  • Churches can use their website to minister to people who might never come into church building.
  • Churches can be apart of their community, both in cyberspace and in thier local town.

Web Service Testimonies:

"What a blessing AG Web Services has been to our church! Through the free website, we are able to evangelize our community, build unity within our congregation and advertise our church to two-thirds* of the households in our city and around the world - all at no cost to us. The program is excellent and easy to use. Anytime I have needed assistance, help has been provided in a fast, courteous, and knowledgeable manner.  This is an awesome tool that the Assemblies of God has given us to help fulfill our Mission in the 21st Century!"

*According to "The Barna Group" in a 2005 survey, two-thirds of households in America have Internet access at their home.

Sharon Snavely - Pastor's Wife/Webmaster - Attica Assembly of God Website


"As a church planter on a limited budget, this website has been such a blessing to me as the Pastor and to my congregation. Editing and updating is easy, the tech support has been superior and it has taken such a burden off my shoulders. I was spending hours each week updating and reworking our old website, having to learn as I went. I am excited to have all the fresh information, and updated content. I feel like I am more connected with all the other A/G churches because of the links and news that is uploaded daily. I can't say thanks enough to the developers of this ministry, and I am excited to see how it helps increase the connection of my congregation as they have all the church's information and events and schedules at their fingertips."

Pastor Phillip Baugh - The Rock Community Outreach Center Website